Why Be One of a kind Pride Month

Globant celebrated the LGBTQ+ Pride Month promoting a true culture of inclusion.

Be One of a kind - Be one of a Kind Globant

Gender & Sexuality New Masculinities: What They Are and Where We Are Heading

“Instead of transferring the productive model to private spheres, it should be the other way around: the care environment, the empathetic view and all that which women have historically developed at home should be transferred to the sphere of work.”

Gender & Sexuality - Be one of a Kind Globant

Tips for creating more inclusive workspaces by the Globant LGBTQ+ community:


Visibilize and naturalize. Understand that there are different ways of seeing the world, of living life and that all of them are valid.


Create community. Create a space of containment for LGBTQ+ people and for those who want to be allies.


Use neutral terms and pronouns. Avoid addressing people in your work team assuming their sexual orientation or gender identity.


It starts with you! Make sure to foster tolerance and respect for diversity in order to create an inclusive space with your work team.


Implement inclusive policies. Make sure that the company’s diversity policies or Codes of Ethics include the LGBTQ+ community.


Make a public commitment towards the LGBTQ+ community. Try to have representation at corporate events and hiring policies towards the LGBTQ+ community.

Source: Globant LGBTQ+ Community

Accessibility How to Work on the Invisible Barriers that Prevent People with Disabilities from Having Access to and Remain in Jobs

Removing invisible barriers in the labor world means, mainly, to understand the paradigm shift. “To focus on the abilities of the persons, their potentialities, and be aware of their limits, not to exclude them but to compensate them with the relevant supports.” These words were taken from the Manual of Good Practices Regarding Disability of the Secretary of Management and Employment of the Argentine Republic.

Accessibility - Be one of a Kind Globant

“The first step is to be hired without any problem, that the employer is not afraid of doing that because you will not be a burden, but you have a contribution to make”.

David De Juan Calvo (Globant Spain)

“There are no doubts that persons with disabilities contribute to the workforce; they contribute diversity, knowledge. You create work teams that are more diverse, open and respectful of that diversity”.

Daniela Aza (Communicator)

More than 80% of persons with disabilities of working age in developing countries are unemployed. In industrialized countries the figure reaches up to 70%.


15% of the world’s population live with disabilities. They are the world’s largest minority.


Culture & Ethnicity How to Do to Have More Black Women in the Technology World

They barely account for 3% in an industry that needs more diversity. Many of them have reached leadership positions and lead initiatives to promote inclusion of Black women —from girls to those who are already part of the workforce— and support their careers.

Culture & Ethnicity - Be one of a Kind Globant

Social & Economic Background Training: Essential for Institutions and Companies to Be More Diverse

“Many LGBTQ+ people are out of the closet in their daily lives in general but not at work. The problem is that this concealment is a barrier to professional development.”

Social & Economic Background - Be one of a Kind Globant

Gender & Sexuality A Guide to Implement the Language of Diversity

That which is not named does not exist. This is a sufficient reason to change the way we communicate and to start giving visibility to those with a self-perception that differs from what is established by social standard as the sole possibility until now.

Gender & Sexuality - Be one of a Kind Globant

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