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The world needs more people like you to create impactful change and serve as inspiration to future generations. Your unique story, skills, imperfections, passions, hopes, and everything that makes you human, make YOU one of a kind. At Globant we’re taking steps towards ensuring everyone, especially people who are often overlooked, feels welcome, seen and […]

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Gender & Sexuality We want to listen to you: tell us your story for Pride Month.

June is Pride Month all around the world and an opportunity to think about the drawbacks that members of the LGBTQ+ community continue to face in their professional area. 

Gender & Sexuality - Be one of a Kind Globant

Tips for creating more inclusive workspaces by the Globant LGBTQ+ community:


Visibilize and naturalize. Understand that there are different ways of seeing the world, of living life and that all of them are valid.


Create community. Create a space of containment for LGBTQ+ people and for those who want to be allies.


Use neutral terms and pronouns. Avoid addressing people in your work team assuming their sexual orientation or gender identity.


It starts with you! Make sure to foster tolerance and respect for diversity in order to create an inclusive space with your work team.


Implement inclusive policies. Make sure that the company’s diversity policies or Codes of Ethics include the LGBTQ+ community.


Make a public commitment towards the LGBTQ+ community. Try to have representation at corporate events and hiring policies towards the LGBTQ+ community.

Source: Globant LGBTQ+ Community

Accessibility Remote work and pandemic: An opportunity for people with disabilities?

Opposing views still exist on how technology can benefit work inclusion for people with disabilities.

Accessibility - Be one of a Kind Globant

“The first step is to be hired without any problem, that the employer is not afraid of doing that because you will not be a burden, but you have a contribution to make”.

David De Juan Calvo (Globant Spain)

“There are no doubts that persons with disabilities contribute to the workforce; they contribute diversity, knowledge. You create work teams that are more diverse, open and respectful of that diversity”.

Daniela Aza (Communicator)

More than 80% of persons with disabilities of working age in developing countries are unemployed. In industrialized countries the figure reaches up to 70%.


15% of the world’s population live with disabilities. They are the world’s largest minority.


Culture & Ethnicity The benefits of diversity in technology

Historically, minorities, such as the Afro-American, Black, Hispanic and Asian communities, have been victims of huge inequalities in several environments and contexts. The labor world is one of them.

Culture & Ethnicity - Be one of a Kind Globant

Social & Economic Background Why is internet access a human right and how to increase it in the world

Maybe before reading this article, some of you were navigating the internet to buy something from the supermarket, to read the news, make a medical appointment, to study, to chat, or just to entertain yourself.

Social & Economic Background - Be one of a Kind Globant

Gender & Sexuality How to balance maternity and work in technology

“Diversity, creativity and innovation go together.” These are words by Sigal Shaked, the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Datomize, a Tel Aviv-based company that helps drive machine learning models regarding the role of women in technology.

Gender & Sexuality - Be one of a Kind Globant

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